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 Your Content Is No Laughing Matter...Or Is it? Business owners are passionate about their business and rightly so, but if you're like most companies you created a website, made sure the product or service you were offering is high quality, but never thought twice about the content on the website, until now. It's OK, I understand, and I'm not going to bore you with a 3,000-word blog post about bettering your content because your time is valuable. I get it. Whether you need consistent blog postings or other relative content, there is help available. You Have Choices. There are plenty of options businesses have to choose from when seeking a partner in good content: 1. The Agency You can choose a well-established agency with named clients and a proven success record; chances are the head of the company is probably a well-liked marketing guru, but be prepared to pay for this type of service to the tune of thousands of dollars. 2. The Content-Mill There are so many choices an entrepreneur or small-business owner can choose from: Outsource, Fiver, Guru,[1] etc. And they can work for short-term, quick fixes, but don't expect high quality with every bid you make because the old adage rings true, You get what you pay for. 3. Independent Marketer/ Solo-prenuer If you pay attention to your local market, you may be able to find a local freelancer or publicist who cares about good content and wants local businesses to thrive. Most likely their fees are negotiable either on a per-project or short-term basis. Itユs always worth taking a look at their resume and seeing what they can do for your business. Whatever you decide on, be sure to have a contract in place and outline the requirements for the content so that the overall objective is met. Remember It Is a Collaboration Effort. An excellent content provider should work with you to meet all of your goals and objectives, even if that means breaking them down one at a time to address individual issues. Keep an open mind and be willing to take suggestions. Chances are the current state of the content on your website is just this side of atrocious, but a good writer will tell you he or she will use it as an outline and deliver exceptional content anyway. It's Not Rocket Science. It's really not, and if you're working with a writer who needs to take ten minutes to contrive a as fast as you can to another writer who can do what they profess to do and that is to write. While it's important for your writer to know the difference between peak and peek or there, their and they're, it is not necessary for a business owner to have to contemplate such grammar issues. The Proof Is In The Pudding In the end, you should end up with a well-written piece to use on multiple channels. A well-written 500-word blog post, can easily be converted into a 120 character Tweet, or include a picture and upload to Instagram or Facebook. Just remember, each social media engine needs its own message because the audiences on these channels consume their information differently. When You're Ready If you believe itユs time to take the next step in developing better content for your product or service, Asher Communications here to help. Talk Is Cheap but Time Isn't We can chat on the phone or I can reply to any questions you have over email, and I will send you a quote for what you ask for. No fluff, no over-hype, just honest-to-God real content.
Scope of Service I have nearly two decades in marketing, public relations and advertising industries and work with individuals and business to increase their presence in their community as a local authority and community leader. Past successes include: ・ Increased web traffic of over 20% for local skin care salon. ・ Grew subscription base to over 10,000 emails for book author and speaker. ・ Created and implemented large-scale community event for client, which received local and nation-wide media presence. Personal Attention I am able to provide each client one-on-one attention because I run my own business. I never outsource my content to a third party and take pride in providing each client the personal attention needed to achieve their goals and objectives. Scope of Services The scope of services provided is significant: Content Development for websites, print, radio, TV and social media channels to include: * Articles * Blog posts * White Papers * Website content Marketing & Social Media Strategy for businesses that need improvement on their website or social media presence. Public Relations Strategy for people, products or companies needing to get their name out to the media.
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